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Description of CELL 13 PRO

You find yourself trapped in one of 13 giant cells, filled with amazing logic puzzles ranging from simple to impossibly difficult. You meet your friendly, and slightly lonely robotic buddy, Chester.

Together you must use your brain power to solve the puzzles, using physics objects in creative and innovative ways to help you along the way.


CELL 13 PRO is the fully unlocked, ad-free version.


CELL 13 starts out quite simple, as Chester guides you through CELL 1. However, you will quickly realise that not everything is so straight forward. You're going to have to think outside the box to continue through the cells.

Use crates, balls, glass, elevators, laser bridges and most importantly portals. Individually these objects may not be useful. But together, with your creativity, you may find a solution to escape the cells.

Featuring an ambient, surreal environment and soundtrack, you will enjoy the freedom and flexibility available to explore and solve the puzzles with no time limit.

CELL 13 features 13 long, puzzle packed cells which will keep you entertained and challenged for many hours.

Will you pass the ultimate test? A truly great achievement, if you survive.

CELL 13 PRO Includes:

• 13 large free cells featuring over 65 unique, challenging puzzles

• Ambient, atmospheric background music

• Beautiful graphics and a stunning surreal world

• Ultra smooth 3D graphics

• Easy to learn, very challenging to complete.

• Play offline, no wifi required.

• No advertising - ever!

• No In App Purchases.

Physics Objects include:

• Portal crates - a unique, never before seen invention!

• Laser bridges - solid laser beams you can drive over, or redirect with portal crates

• Elevators and moving platforms - they make it easy to get from place to place, but you may have to switch them on first!

• Low poly balls - giant yellow low poly balls you can roll along and use to set off large buttons

• Colour coded puzzle boxes - put them on the right coloured sensors to unlock doors!

• Rotating platforms - use them wisely, they can block access or laser bridges to clear a path.

• Many more objects to use creatively to solve the puzzles and escape the cells.

From the creators of the very successful Laserbreak, CELL 13 PRO is a physics puzzle that you simply cannot miss.

CELL 13 is widely recognised as one of the best indie games of 2016.

Play it free today.




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